arild vange: poet
ÆÅ Trondheim Literature festival, May 2011,
VARIASJONER OVER FELLESEGGET (Variations over the common egg), Teaterhuset AvantGarden, Trondheim, februar 2011.
Listen to the concert here: Never Come Ashore
Norwegian poet Arild Vange has been working with improvisers for several years. With his book annerledes enn he worked to integrate forms of listening into his writing. In October 2010 he and Neil Davidson embarked on a tour of high schools in the Trøndelag area of Norway as part of the Kulturelle Skolesekken (cultural schoolbag) initiative. This concert was recorded at the end of the tour.
Arild Vange - voice / poems
Michael Duch - double bass
Kyrre Laastad - percussion
Neil Davidson - acoustic guitar
Read review here (in Norwegian only).
Concert in Michael Duch's garden, June 2011, with Lemur and EN EN EN.
Photo: Lise Hovik
Photo: Elise Adamsrød
Photo: Kim Nygård
Photo: Guri Sørumgård Botheim
fra Bjørnsonfestivalen, september 2010
Ein Häppchen Noch Act 2 of Knekkende julenøtter! Ny Musikk Trondheims christmasopera. A cooperation between Ny Musikk Trondheim, Trondheim sinfonietta and Alpaca trio. Composer: Maja S. K. Ratkje. Singer: Anne-Lise Berntsen. Actor: T. P. Stamsø Munch. Director: Lisa Baoudouin Lie. Conductor: Lars-Thomas Holm. Text/performer: Arild Vange. Trondheim, 17. December 2011
Photo: Thor Nielsen
The literary garden party Adrianstua 25. of august 2012
Performance with Anja Utler and her norwegian translator Arild Vange from brinnen, Edition Korrespondenzen 2006 and brinna, Samlaget 2012

Foto:Christof Josef Heinz
Nordich Talking with DVELL

daumen blutet
am nagel. the garden wet
with rain. coming up to the s-bahn
haltestelle starnberg nord. während der
fahrt nicht mit dem fahrzeugführer sprechen.
im notfall die sprechstelle im einstiegsbereich b
nutzen. nichts verstanden. tief getroffen. ob ich
es bin? du sagtest: die bahn geht nur bis max
weber platz. wir müssen am wiener platz
aussteigen. die nächste soll in 3 bis 4
minuten kommen. ich weiß immer
noch nicht bescheid. der zug
endet hier. bitte aus

(the rest of the talk in english:
Thursday 25th July: Syndicate #5: Like
6.45pm – 9pm, Inspace, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB

The fifth instalment of Syndicate features the word and music performances of
Peter Manson, Arild Vange, Neil Davidson, Colin Herd, and Karen Veitch.
Potential hashtags for this evening include: cyberculture, social media, viral, flow, dissemination, remediation/intermediation, intention, translation, form/context, glitch, mass collaboration, and public sphere.
26th July: The Old Hairdressers, 20 - 28 Renfield Lane, G2 6PH Glasgow, United Kingdom
Arild Vange - norwegian poet and translator reading new poems based on responses to Fernando Pessoa's heteronyms, with Neil Davidson (guitar).
Peter Manson - poet and translator. His books include Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems in Verse, Between Cup and Lip, For the Good of Liars, Adjunct: an Undigest, Before and After Mallarmé,Two renga (collaborations with the poet Elizabeth James.
Liene & Ash - audio blog roll deadpan tape activities
Pictures from the first week of rehearsals for "Improvisation. Person" at the Teaterhuset Avant Garden January 2014

DVELL is: Neil Davidson (musician, Glasgow) Arild Vange (poet, Trondheim) Kristin Lian Berg (visual artist, Trondheim) Kyrre Laastad (musician,Trondheim) Frode Eggen (actor, Oslo)
Foto: Kristin Lian Berg
Foto: Kristin Lian Berg
Foto: Frode Eggen
Footage of ongoing rehearsals for Improvisasjon Person to be performed at Teater Avant Garden in Trondheim 27-29 March 2014. DVELL is Arild Vange, Kristin Lian Berg, Kyrre Laastad, Frode Eggen, Neil Davidson. Supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Trondheim kommune.
Filmed by Suzanne Bordemann. Edited by Neil Davidson.
Foto: Mette Sandholmen
Thanks to Teaterhuset Avant Garden for hosting us and letting us produce and perform #improvisasjonperson. Thanks to Kulturrådet, Trondheim kommune and NSF's fond for frilansere for support. Big love to three great audiences!
Foto: Lars Erik Skjærseth / NRK
Arild Vange and Neil Davidson - New Translations
CCA Glasgow: Aye-Aye Books: Thu 21 August 2014, 7pm, Free, Cinema
Arild Vange (poetry) and Neil Davidson (guitar) have been working together on improvised poetry readings since 2009. Their work also includes the theatre company Dvell. Arild writes poetry in Norwegian. His poetics is deeply connected to listening and his readings are informed by improvised music. They are in the process of developing their project to include the translation of Arild's poems. This will be the first public reading of his poems in English. The performance will be followed a discussion on translation and listening.
Fellowship at the International House of Artists Villa Concordia
Bamberg, Germany 15.04. 2015 - 15. 03. 2016

what did you say
by Arild Vange & Neil Davidson
Arild Vange - poems and voice
Neil Davidson - guitar

9 Tracks 44 mins

Poems taken from the book Responsorium and other places.
Recorded at Glo Spot by John Cavanagh July 2013
Released on cassette in an edition of 50 copies, available from the artists.
released May 26, 2016
Responsorium / what did you say

Book launch for Arild Vange's new book Responsorium published by Aschehoug Forlag. Reading by Arild Vange with Lars Dybvik (piano)
Performance by Arid Vange and Neil Davidson to mark the release of their new cassette - what did you say

Bar Moskus, Olav Tryggvasons Gate 5, Trondheim - Monday 6th June 7pm
Klaus Fröhlich & Arild Vange: Crossworks
Welcome to the opening on Friday the 16th of September at 7 p.m.  
Babel Art Space,  Mellomveien 5,  7067 Trondheim  -

Crossworks is a collaborative project between the norwegian poet Arild Vange and the german photographer Klaus Fröhlich. The collaboration began with a visual response from Fröhlich on Vanges book of poems improvisasjon person. As a second stage Vange responded with haikus on Fröhlichs images. The third part has taken place in Trondheim during Fröhlichs residency at LKV, where the two artists have worked together on selected places in the city. The exhibition at Babel presents tekst/ photography from the three different stages.

Klaus Fröhlich is based in Essen, Germany. His narrative imagery is highly influenced by his own memories where the visible touches the invisible. He is educated as a photographer and has studied art photography at the University of Dortmund. He has worked for theatres in Stuttgart, Munich and  Freiburg and has collaborated with the Experimentalstudio of the Südwestrundfunk (Broadcast) in Freiburg and with Cocoon Dance Company in Bonn. At the moment he is a guest artist at LKV.

Arild Vange is a poet, artist and translator. He has had a residency in the honorary writer’s residence Adrianstua in Trondheim (2008- 2013), and in the international artist residence Villa Concordia in Bamberg, Germany (2015- 2016) Vange has written several books of poetry. His translations include the work of Franz Kafka, Yoko Tawada, Georg Trakl, Anja Utler and Peter Waterhouse. In 2012 the improvisation company DVELL was formed around the long standing collaboration between Vange and the Scottish musician Neil Davidson. Vange is also working together with the visual artist Per Formo.