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My latest poetry collection, annerledes enn: otherwise than, which also contains a CD.

annerledes enn is the title of a book of poetry by Norway's Arild Vange. It means "Otherwise Than" in English and, were you to buy a copy of it, you would find this album inside. As the book is in Norwegian, a limited number of cds are being made available separate from this volume. After all, what may be beyond our comprehension in print may sound most interesting in an abstract way in purely sonic form. Vange switches between English and Norwegian, throws in a line from Leonard Cohen along the way and develops a rhythm and form which works as sound poetry, even if you don't understand all of the words. Neil Davidson's subtle and understated accompaniments provide a very sympatico space for the poet's voice to flow and a context for meaningful sound beyond the literal meaning of words.
John Cavanagh,
Ene og Alene
Aschehoug 1990
annerledes enn in german!!!

Arild Vange:
anders als

Translated by Andrea Dobrowolski

Illustrated by Josef Fürpaß

Verlag Edition Yara
Graz /Wien /Oaxaca / Barcelona

Review copy, contact and information:  
Bernadette Schiefer, mobile 0650/ 4205116

Arild Vange:
anders als
Translation:Andrea Dobrowolski,
Illustrations: Josef Fürpaß
Verlag Edition Yara
ISBN 978-3-9503202-3-7  
48 Pages //  Price: 12.00 Euro
alltid ei anna / improvisasjon person

Recordings made during work on the performance alltid ei anna (there is always an other / there is always an anna) by the group dvell in November 2012 using texts from Arild Vange's book of poems improvisasjon person published by Aschehoug in spring 2013. The recordings were made during rehearsals at Theatre Avant Garden in Trondheim and in Jesperstua, a little outhouse connected to Adrianstua (the Writers House owned by the city of Trondheim) situated next to the Fjord on the outskirts of Trondheim. The poems / texts are responses to writings by Fernando Pessoa's heteronyms, in particular Alvaro do Campos, Ricardo Reis and Alberto Caeiro. The performance alltid ei anna was built around these texts and guided by Pessoas concept of static drama.

Arild Vange - texts / voice, Neil Davidson - guitar, Kyrre Laastad - percussion, Frode Eggen - voice. The book improvisasjon person is available from Aschehoug, Oslo. Cover art is by Per Formo. CDR also available from the NCA shop.
RESPONSORIUM,  Aschehoug 3/2016, Cover: Per Formo